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Business Phone System Installation Overview

The installation process is effortless with Essary Communications! From the time you purchase a system to the final system installation, we're committed to delivering the highest quality communications for your company’s needs! Here is a review of the process that begins once you've purchased a system. We do it in four easy steps:


1. Site Survey

We will complete a thorough Site Survey at your location. The purpose of the site survey is threefold:

  • To verify that the system you have chosen suits your location and situation

  • To collect all the information necessary to ensure a smooth installation.

  • To finalize any last minute user or business requirements and cost estimates, including installation, equipment, phones and other costs where pertinent.


2. Order Equipment

Once the site survey is completed and any necessary changes are made to your system configuration, the equipment will be ordered and an installation date will be scheduled.


3. Installation

Once your equipment arrives, we will set up and you’re your system in house before it ever comes to your site. Then we will install your system. Most installations take from a half day to a whole day, depending on your size and configuration.


4. Training

Before we leave the site, your System Administrator and users will be trained on features, operations and system maintenance. Additional training time for users can be requested and ordered as an option.


Overall, installation of the system will surprise you: it's fast, it's easy and you're up and running more quickly than you could imagine!

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